Why Are Giraffe’s Tongue’s Black?

Have you ever wondered why a giraffe’s tongue is black and ours are pink? There is a very logical reason their tongue’s are a different color and the reason is something that we can all learn from.

There are many mysteries in the world and one of them revolves around the color of tongues. Human tend to have pink colored tongues but there are animals in the world that have different colors inside their mouths. One of those animals is the giraffe. Their tongues are more of a black color and it has been something that many people have wondered about.

Data Protection

Why is Their Tongue Black?

Giraffes spend a lot of time using their tongues to get food. They use their tongue to reach into tall trees and plants to gather what they need to eat. Just like humans, they are prone to sun damage and sun burns. The color of their tongues is an adaptation to their environment. Their tongues are out and exposed to the sun a large portion of the time. Since their tongues are approximately 18 to 21 inches in length, there is a lot of space to get a sun burn. The darker color is a result of the extra melanin that is present. It helps to prevent sun burns and can protect them. The end of their tongue tends to be black and may be more pink or purple near the top since that portion is not as exposed to the sun. The melanin act as a sort of natural sunscreen. Just like people with natural darker pigment, they are still able to be affected by the sun but they are less susceptible to sun burns. This is something that has naturally occurred over the course of time.

Why This is an Important Lesson

Everyone should already know about the importance of wearing sunscreen but this is also a lesson of protection that can be related to many different industries. Protection is extremely important in a variety of circumstances, including when it comes to your network and data. The melanin serves as a way to protect the tongue and there are many ways you can also protect your data. You do not want to run the risk of losing it or damaging it, just like the giraffe does not want to lose their way of reaching high trees and plants for food. Your data is vital to your business and your future success. Do not let your data go unprotected. You need to find multiple ways to protect it. The best way is by creating layers of protection. You can make sure your network is secure, install anti-virus and anti-malware, and other various methods of protection. This doesn’t mean you may not ever run into an issue with your protection, just like melanin in a giraffe’s tongue cannot completely prevent sunburn, but it is always good to have some form of protection.

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