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How to Focus on Business Cybersecurity and Productivity While Everyone in Seattle Is Doing Remote Work Because of COVID-19

How is the remote work revolution going for your business? It looks like the dust is settling as we’re all starting to normalize to our at-home routine to handle the […]

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Don’t Count on Your Cyberinsurance Policy to Protect You from Malware

As business leaders, you and I both know that insurance is a necessary evil. If a natural disaster hits, insurance will probably bail you out. If an office burglary occurs, […]

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More Than a Health Virus – How the Coronavirus Is Infecting Your Computer Networks with Malware

The coronavirus, now officially known as “Covid-19,” is a breaking news topic right now – and the news is pretty scary: The death toll has exceeded that of SARS in […]

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Data Privacy Laws Heat Up in 2020, Changing the Cybersecurity Landscape

 By this point, it’s no secret that we think data privacy is pretty darn important. We’ve written numerous blogs about creepy data collection practices and “security” devices that spy on […]

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