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Business Continuity from Interplay

NEW! Wondering what the difference is between Backups and Business Continuity?  Check out this great infographic!

Backups alone are not sufficient for protecting businesses from lost time and work.  Recoverability is even more important than backups. And disasters come in all forms – some natural, some self-inflicted!

We know many businesses are on thin ice — with inadequate backup systems and non-existent disaster recovery plans.  Unfortunately IT failures and outages are inevitable.  And traditional backup systems have an extremely high failure rate.  But this risk can be minimized.

Thorough our close and long relationship with Datto, Interplay offers industry-leading, best-of-breed data protection systems that will cover all of your data wherever it is stored.  These systems differ from other systems because of the speed of recovery: we can have a completely failed network back up and running in a matter of minutes!

We also offer on-going Disaster Recovery planning to ensure that when disaster does strike, it won’t interrupt your business.  We call this suite of services Business Continuity from Interplay.

Beyond traditional “backups,” our data protection systems are far more advanced than “old-school” tape backup units.  Business Continuity means keeping outages from impacting your business.  And these ‘spare servers’ will immediately emulate the complete functionality of a failed server.  Features include:

  • Automated on site server “snapshots” every 15 minutes
  • Secure, automated cloud-based server “snapshots” every 15 minutes
  • On-site or cloud-based virtualization (‘spare server’) when one of your servers fails–be back up and running within 10 minutes!
  • Automated screenshot verification of backups – removing the need to do periodic backup competency tests!
  • Data deduplication means a modestly sized unit can protect data from a large number of servers

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