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Everyone gets spam; it used to be a minor annoyance.  These days, spam can carry serious security threats and be a sign of an insufficiently secured e-mail system.

Interplay SpamAssist prevents a majority of spam with one of the lowest false-positive rates in the industry, stops viruses and spyware from entering your systems via e-mail, and allows you and your staff to continue to send and receive e-mail from your domain if your email server becomes inaccessible or goes offline.


  • Secured, cloud-based service: always accessible from anywhere
  • Works with on-premise or cloud-based (offsite) mail servers from any vendor (including Microsoft Exchange)
  • One of the highest rates of spam prevention in the industry
  • One of the lowest rates of false-positives in the industry
  • Requires no on-site hardware or additional software investment
  • Acts as a failover mail server in the event your mail server becomes inaccessible or fails: Your employees can continue to communicate with your customers even in the event of a total e-mail disaster
  • Granular content controls can prevent certain types of e-mails from entering your system
  • Granular content controls can prevent certain types of e-mails from exiting your system
  • Comprehensive reporting and support directly through Interplay ensures peace of mind

If you subscribe to the Interplay NetworkSERVE fixed-fee IT management plan, SpamAssist is already included. If you’re not subscribed to an Interplay managed service plan, these services are available separately.

*One server, up to ten mailboxes.

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