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At Interplay, we understand that non-profit IT management is about controlling costs. As a non-profit you are watching every dollar spent. Our experience and expertise means we deliver quality IT services at a fixed cost for non-profit organizations. And in time, we will work with you to reduce those fees even more.

Cost Control for Non-Profit IT Management

With each new non-profit client, we sit down to outline your multi-year strategic IT initiatives. These initiatives include month-to-month management, support costs, and individual project costs. This long-term vision lays out all the work we will do so you know that there won’t be unexpected costs. Our experience allows us to accurately lay everything out up-front. As part of a multi-year strategy, Interplay will look at ways to continually reduce support costs. In fact, we are happy to reduce our own IT support costs because of gained efficiencies!

Example of Cost Control over Several Years

A large client of ours is a non-profit educational facility. They requested non-profit IT management services from Interplay when their internal technical resource left the organization. When we began work with them, many of their internal systems were insufficient and makeshift. We worked with them to implement new systems including:

  • Installing new servers to replace outdated hardware
  • Replacing wireless access points across the entire campus with modern, ruggedized models
  • Recommendations of a new phone system (from another vendor)

These initiatives along with continual process optimization have helped us cut the number of hours we need to support our client in half over the time we’ve worked with them.

This savings in time correlates directly with cost savings for the client, we are now billing them less because they need less of us.

And even better: we are working with the client now to deliver longer-term strategic IT vision (with a focus on cloud services)–instead of just fixing problems.

non-profit IT management from BDPNetworks reduces support requirements over time

This chart shows overall hourly labor reduction for a large non-profit client (150 seats) from 2013-2015. The left axis shows total number of hours our engineers have entered into our system, per month.

Non-profit IT management services from Interplay improve IT services and cut costs.

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