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The best IT support in Seattle and Portland.

We’re a team of highly motivated IT Professionals located just north of Boeing Field in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle. Our focus is serving small and medium-sized businesses from 20-200 people in size.

Our broad experience, best practices, and custom-designed management plans combined with over $100,000 in management tools allow us to manage IT systems better than you’ve ever thought possible. Our comprehensive IT support and management programs are designed to eliminate firefighting and keep your office productive. This philosophy is built on three core concepts:


Proactive management is extremely important in cutting computer support costs. Most computer problems are caused by software interactions, not by hardware failures. IT support costs can be dramatically lowered by taking an active role in the day-to-day operations of a network including: checking backups, firewall status, installing patches, updating virus protection, monitoring disk space, CPU & memory load, etc.


Security is not a bolted-on afterthought. Our management practices include security throughout our service plans. We check, double-check, then check again to make sure your network is as secure as possible. Since a large portion of security breaches are caused by “social engineering,” we communicate security best practices to your staff as well.


Interplay practices a policy of “open documentation.” We will produce any piece of information we have on file about your company or computer network upon request. We have nothing to hide, and feel strongly that you should choose your network support vendor based on trust. You shouldn’t feel dependent on any single organization simply because they’re the only one with the keys to your systems.


A business should be able to access data in new and innovative ways without layers of complexity in the way. That’s what our goal is: to make your network as transparent and as seamless as possible. It should work FOR you, not the other way around.


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