Downtown Seattle AssociationI Never Knew it Could be Like This!

I didn’t realize how smooth IT management could be until we started working with Interplay. They’re in the background, working remotely and everyone at DSA is happy that they have access to Jordan and our systems work well.

Interplay’s team has the knowledge and abilities to make even minor annoyances disappear. Their system works well!

IslandwoodBefore we hired Interplay we had an internal IT staff and loosely tied together IT systems. We hired Interplay two years ago and have been so pleased with their work. When we made the decision to outsource our IT management, they checked all the boxes of what we needed.

Interplay came in, assessed our IT health and overall situation, and developed a strategy to implement. One of the first things they did was review our servers and replace them.

More importantly in our relationship is working with Brian and his team on creating strategic decisions. Brian and I work together to identify timing, budget, and priorities for IslandWood. I have the utmost respect for Brian and the Interplay team in helping to make good decisions. Brian’s a really good listener and helps ensure that everyone’s needs and wishes are heard.

Brian and his team have brought us up to speed and helped to identity the key steps we need to take to ensure we have the tools in place for our team members that are reliable so we can move forward.

Pensar DevelopmentPensar DevelopmentWe are a high-stakes design and engineering firm. When things get busy the last thing we want to worry about are unexpected IT issues. Interplay’s focus on preventive maintenance minimizes problems. And when we do encounter issues, Interplay consistently handles them quickly, so my staff can continue to get their work done.

We’ve had three different IT Managed Service Providers run our systems (not including me) over the years. Interplay is now the longest tenure and still the only MSP without a crashed server. No crashed servers is the biggest win for us. Our revenue stops if our servers go down.

Dexter ChaneyWe were looking for a new backup solution at Dexter + Chaney and were referred to Interplay by a colleague. They were able to provide exactly what we needed with the Datto SIRIS solution, and the setup was painless.

..The Datto SIRIS backup has been a phenomenal device to work with, it has done everything we need it to.

Interplay has been great to work with, they’re very responsive and answer our questions and all our needs quickly. Melanie is so friendly and easy to work with!

…It’s been a very smooth ride for us.

Brian’s a great communicator – he’s proactive and he speaks in terms that a layman like me can understand. Brian also went above and beyond to solve a networking issue we experienced off-hours…truly exceptional customer service.

Interplay saw a vast display of BROKEN and did not flinch. From the sweat of the move to the calculations of an affordable upgrade plan, Interplay declared: we would HELP you get FIXED. “YES” we will help you.

From the executive suite to the facilities office – production started flowing, computers were working, and morale was lifting. We are getting back on our feet and the jobs were coming in!

Interplay is testimony to quality. Interplay is why this has been compassionately written and why recommending Interplay brings a heartfelt smile to my face.

The staff at Interplay are professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Interplay is very proactive. They keep our systems current with all the latest technical advances and software updates. Our computers are secure, stable and help us to be more efficient. We can focus on our work with the peace of mind that our data is safe. With Interplay, we have a true business partner.

…Brian Place saved the day for me. If it weren’t for him, our mentors would not have had their handbooks at our training. I had finished my final draft (from home) and was just about to print it when Word crashed and I could no longer find my document in my home directory. I called Brian and he promptly found my entire document, fixed my sync issue, and remedied another problem I’d been having with email.

Yay for Brian Place!