Five Years is the Limit!

five yearsFive years is the limit – replace your computers!

Do you have technology older than five years in your business?

Do you have servers that are older than five years?

Do you have workstations or laptops which are older than five years?

What about software? Server operating systems?

Industry-specific applications that haven’t been updated in five years?

You Need to REPLACE IT.


In IT, anything older than five years represents a risk to your business. With hardware, the risk of failure dramatically increases once that five year period has elapsed. With software, the risk of not being able to get support if the software ceases to function increases after five years.

There’s also the added problem of not staying up to date–old software has trouble working with new systems. Software written for Windows XP won’t work on Windows 8.

Systems older than five years drain time and efficiency from your company as well. Your staff gets frustrated and it negatively impacts work output.

Equipment older than five years also tends to be vulnerable from a host of security issues that more modern equipment can handle: the threats have gotten smarter and bigger in the intervening years.

You’ll find that equipment more than five years old (even servers!) have no real street value left on them at the end of their lifespan: they don’t really provide much value to anyone else at that point, either.

Our fixed-fee management plans are designed to keep your IT systems up-to-date – within the windows. The reason is it keeps your staff running at peak productivity with a minimum of downtime. This is why we require warranties and support contracts on all hardware/software we support.

We find that in the long run it is less expensive to plan ahead and replace systems/software on a scheduled basis than it is to suffer the repercussions of waiting for systems to fail.

Is it more than five years old? Get rid of it. Your business will be better for it.