Recovery Time Calculator

Downtime Is Costly

Business Continuity from Datto empowers you to restore your full systems and get back to work within mere minutes of an emergency, which is why it differs from traditional backup methods (such as saving to disc or tape). With traditional backup methods, you must re-install all your software and reset all your user preferences and permissions before you can start uploading your data back into the system. That takes a lot of time.

Working quickly, a restore process from traditional backup usually takes at least a couple of days – and until your systems are restored, your business will be unable to contact customers, perform work, accept payments, or process invoices. Can you afford to have your business operations down for that long? Will your customers accept such a delay?

Find out how much downtime will cost your business with this handy downtime calculator.


They’re great. We don’t even know when things are wrong – they’re just in there fixing them. I didn’t know IT could be that easy.

Brenda Evans | Controller, Downtown Seattle Association


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