A Partnership That Makes a Difference

As a company, Microsoft needs no introduction. Bill Gates took care of that many, many years ago – and your business has likely been using Microsoft products and services since.

However, you may be surprised to learn more about Microsoft. For instance, the company is focused on empowering young people with the digital skills they need to build our future, and they’ve also started an initiative to eliminate the rural broadband gap by connecting rural America to the rest of the nation with fast, reliable Internet.

But Microsoft isn’t just about helping the nation’s people, they’ve also brought the nation’s businesses into the modern world. That’s what makes them a key player in the business tech landscape. That’s also why Microsoft is a critical strategic partner for Interplay.

Together, Interplay and Microsoft are guiding Seattle companies into a successful future by providing the most comprehensive and unified version of cloud-centric and business tools available. Yeah, we said it: Microsoft’s cloud business tools are light-years ahead of Google’s – and that’s why we’re so proud to have the opportunity to bring such great tools to our great future-looking clients.

Positioning for the Future

As more software starts moving toward the cloud, Interplay is proud to position ourselves alongside Microsoft as a true cloud management agency.

When you work with the experienced techs at Interplay, you’ll have the power to move your own company to the cloud – at your speed and with full strategic support – and, of course, you’ll also have the full on-premises IT services and support you expect.

We were hoping for a very personal touch, and our expectations were high. They allocated a lot of resources and went ‘all hands on deck’ for us.

Tosten Haugerud | Information Systems Officer

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