Medical IT Support

Your IT Health and Wellness

Medical IT support is complex. Not only do you face strict requirements for patient privacy and HIPAA compliance, the government is also asking you to embrace new IT solutions quickly. And, as the past few years have demonstrated, maintaining up-to-date cyber security is critical for healthcare organizations.

If you’re struggling to find time to manage your IT systems while providing caring assistance to your patients, it’s time to let someone else handle your IT workload: Interplay has the tools and experience to meet your needs and keep your IT healthy.

Healthcare’s Need for Critical Services

We work directly with medical groups, firms, and practices to help you identify and provide a tailor-fit package that includes all the IT services you need, such as:

HIPAA Compliance Audits

Ensure you’re keeping patient data secure and compliant at all times and on all devices with IT services from a thoroughly screened IT vendor that has the understanding, tools, and technology it takes to keep your data 100% confidential.

EMR Support

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems are large and complex – and often unwieldy to use and update. Interplay can help you increase productivity and efficiency in a system you already use, or you can use our extensive enterprise database experience to ensure a great setup for your new EMR.

Secure Backup / Business Continuity

Natural disasters and cyberattacks can strike at any time, but your medical firm needs to keep running smoothly throughout it all. With business continuity solutions from Interplay and Datto, you’ll have the power to restore all your systems and data within minutes of an event, no matter what.

Mobile Device Support

Today’s on-demand world has placed data at everyone’s fingertips, and your caregivers now require mobile flexibility to do their job efficiently. Keep your data and their devices secure, anywhere and anytime, and reach out to request a helping hand with mobile data wherever you are.

Around-the-Clock Care

Even if your facility isn’t open 24/7, your billing and payments system probably is. You can’t afford downtime because if you delay a healthcare payment or insurance communication, the odds increase that you’ll never receive that payment. That’s why Interplay is there all the time, providing emergency IT support and keeping your systems healthy by updating and patching them during your off-hours.

Cost Savings

Lower your IT support costs, streamline your IT usage, and set up your unique strategy for better IT efficiency when you work with the experts at Interplay to create a medical IT support plan that fits your exact needs.

Interplay cares about our IT on a personal level.



What’s Really Important

In healthcare, your high-stress job gives you enough to deal with. The ability to be able to focus on what’s really important is crucial to the administering of quality care. Request your complimentary network security assessment, so you can get the helping hands you need for IT care – and return your focus to providing proper patient care.

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