Network & IT Health Self-Assessment

A Useful Checklist

A useful checklist to help you ensure healthy IT systems and network management best practices.

Do you ever wonder how your IT practices measure up against those of Fortune 500 companies? Are your current processes enough to keep your data safe and systems secure from threats or unplanned emergencies?

Whatever the reason, take this handy self-assessment quiz to see where you excel and where you have room for improvement.

Small businesses rely on their IT and network operations to ensure their business runs smoothly and customer needs are met. Yet many don’t have the resources or know-how to keep their IT healthy and their users productive.

IT best practices aren’t born overnight. They come from proactive management and best-of-breed processes driven by years of experience. State-of-the art tools and advanced hardware are critical to ensuring data security, optimal network performance, and consistent uptime.

This checklist has been designed to highlight areas of success and possible areas for improvement within your organization’s IT practices. Whether you choose to use an in-house network administrator or seek an outsourced Managed Services Provider (MSP) to address your IT needs, knowing what key areas and activities are required for a healthy system is essential for your business’s continued success.

This checklist can help.

Directions: Check each box where the answer to the question is yes.

1Policy & Process
2Service Providers & Cloud Services
4Data Protection
5Asset Management
6Desktops & Support
7 Results
  • Having well-documented systems in place helps you take care of routine procedures, as well as emergencies with more ease.


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