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Been in business a few years (or decades) now? That means you already understand what it feels like to suddenly face unexpected industry or business changes. As a business leader, navigating those changes with innovative leaps is second nature to you… but your IT strategy and infrastructure may struggle to keep up with you when you change direction.

IT strategy consulting from Interplay helps you stay ahead of surprises, so you can support your business wherever it may go.

Strategic IT Consulting

Business tech is a huge investment. IT strategy consulting helps you figure out what IT solutions your business should invest in now… and what solutions you can delay.

Virtual CIO

Interplay’s virtual CIO meetings give you access to a “CIO On Demand,” so you can ensure your IT systems stay aligned with your business requirements.

Advanced Security Management

These days, your employees are your company’s last defense against determined cybercriminals. That’s why Interplay’s end user security training is critical.

Security Authentication Management

Advanced Security Management for Office 365 is a great tool for businesses, but it takes an expert like Interplay to set up and manage your unique security protocols.

They knew what needed to be done. They knew what was wrong and what needed to be fixed. They are now at a place the network and systems work almost flawlessly.

Laurie Miller, Senior VP Operations | Islandwood

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