IT Strategy

Best Practices for Effective IT Alignment and Strategic Planning

It’s pretty hard to run a business without at least some technology, and most organizations need quite a lot of technology to keep operations moving. We’re talking servers, phones, computers, […]

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Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Data Protection, Security

Why We Recommend 1Password as the Top Password Management App

For years, the team at Interplay has been using and recommending Dashlane as our preferred password management app. However, we’ve been having a few troubles with Dashlane lately, so we […]

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Black Lives Matter

We see you, we’re listening, and we’re working on being better allies. We’re looking to share our resources with black-led organizations and companies. We’ll be reaching out soon, and if […]

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Business Continuity, COVID-19, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Data Protection, IT Consulting, Work From Home

How to Set Up Effective WFH Security – Q&A with Brian Place, Principal and Founder of Interplay

Since everyone is working from home, that means your data is being handled by home routers and employees’ personal devices, which probably aren’t behind your office firewall. As you can […]

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