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Why the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack Matters for SMBs in Seattle 

Cyberattack today is more prevalent than ever in history. You remember this: Nearly 2 months ago, the pipeline that supplies 45% of the fuel to the Eastern seaboard was shut […]

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Best Practices for Effective IT Alignment and Strategic Planning – Part 1

It’s pretty hard to run a business without at least some technology, and most organizations need quite a lot of technology to keep operations moving. We’re talking servers, phones, computers, […]

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Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery

News Round Up: Ransomware Blackmail and President Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order

As you’ve probably realized, ransomware is on the rise in a big way, paving a trail for ransomware blackmail. As Nicole Pelroth, the cybersecurity expert for the New York Times, […]

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Interplay – Your Virtual IT Help Desk

If you have more than 20 computers and devices at your organization, your exhausted IT staff (or IT person) is spending all their time putting out fires, or you find […]

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