Surprise! Your Cloud App Doesn’t Take Care of Security – That’s What Managed IT Is For


So, after years of talking about it and thinking about it, you’ve finally decided to switch some of your business applications over to the cloud. Congratulations! This is an exciting move that offers a lot of potential benefits, which is why CompTIA reports that 75% of SMBs have at least 1 year of experience using cloud solutions. […]

What Do IT Services in Seattle Have to Do with Spyware in California?

09/11/2018 Hands typing on keyboard

We all know that personal data privacy is an incredibly important issue, and one that the whole world is struggling with right now. We all also know that today’s relentless threat of hacking and data breaches are a terrible concern. However, there are some times when data breaches end up sounding really weird, leaving you […]

7 Managed Services Takeaways from Recent Cybercrime Events

08/23/2018 Hand holding mouse on deck

Like most people, you probably scroll through news stories on your morning commute or on your lunch break. If so, you may have noticed that there were quite a few cybercrime headlines in the past week. For example: The DNC warned midterm candidates not to use phones manufactured by Huawei or ZTE due to “security concerns” […]

Not Safe for Work (NSFW)? IT Services Are Here to Help


News alert! Here at the Interplay IT services company, we recently heard about a new online scam that’s horrifyingly malicious because it’s so embarrassing that most people probably won’t report it. In fact, it’s so embarrassing that we had a hard time writing this blog. We don’t want you or anyone else you know trapped by […]

Compliance vs. Security: How Computer Support Companies Can Help

07/16/2018 Computer Support Companies

According to Verizon’s 2017 Payment Security Report, more companies than ever before have achieved PCI (credit card) compliance. In fact, compliance is up almost five-fold when compared to statistics from 2012. But, somehow, the number of breaches is growing. Looking at these numbers, it’s pretty clear that there’s a mismatch between compliance procedures and security […]

How to Avoid Needing IT Support – Video on Network Security

07/03/2018 IT Support

When you’re running a small to midsized business, you don’t have time to slow down for computer problems – and you certainly don’t want to waste your time finding and waiting for IT support. The best way to avoid all that wasted time is to make a few, easy changes to the way you and […]

Interplay Ranked Among Top 501 Global Managed Service Providers by Channel Futures


11th Annual MSP 501 Identifies World’s Most Forward-Thinking MSPs & Leading Trends in Managed Services July 2, 2018: Interplay ranks among the world’s 501 most strategic and innovative managed service providers (MSPs), according to Channel Futures 11th-annual MSP 501 Worldwide Company Rankings. The MSP 501 is the first, largest and most comprehensive ranking of managed service […]

Why IT Services Companies Are Key to Fighting VPNFilter

06/29/2018 VPN Filter

At this point, you’ve probably heard about VPNFilter malware, the extremely advanced, highly malicious cyberattack that the F.B.I. has been warning people about since May. If you haven’t yet heard about VPNFilter, we highly recommend that you reboot your network router right now. Hopefully, you rebooted your router just then. If, instead, you’re still reading and […]

Interplay Takes Home Golden Datto Award During DattoCon 2018

06/28/2018 Sean Place holding the Datto Hall of Fame Award

Seattle, Washington, June 28, 2018 – Interplay today announced the company took home the Datto Hall of Fame award at the sixth annual DattoCon, Datto’s annual partner conference. DattoCon has become one of the largest events in North America for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and the Golden Datto awards are presented each year to the […]

What Is GDPR IT Compliance… and Should You Care?

06/21/2018 GDPR IT Compliance

For the past month or so, you’ve probably been getting emails in your inbox from all the cloud services you use letting you know that they’ve updated their privacy policies. You’ve probably also noticed that all the websites you commonly visit are displaying large, unavoidable notices about the fact that they collect cookies. All this […]