Managed Services Provider

How to Interview Seattle’s Managed IT Services Companies and Find Your Best Fit

As you’ve seen by now, there are many stages to finding the right Seattle managed IT services company for your needs. By this point, you’ve figured out your organization’s IT […]

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Business Continuity, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Security

The Uncanny Link Between Ransomware and Vampires in Seattle

According to vampire lore, a vampire cannot enter into your home or office unless you invite them in. In the classic Swedish horror film, Let the Right One In, the […]

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Cybersecurity, Ransomware

Survey Shows That Americans Don’t Understand Ransomware. That’s a Problem for Seattle.

From July 18-22, 2019 The Harris Poll surveyed 2,021 U.S. adults online and determined that, although a worrisome 1 in 5 Americans have experienced ransomware, they don’t fully understand it. […]

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IT Outsourcing, IT Support, Managed Services Provider

Choosing the Right Provider for Managed IT Services in Seattle

Considering that the news these days is filled with ransomware and phishing attacks, it’s no surprise that many local business leaders have decided that their best option for protection is […]

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