The Best Backup System on the Planet

ALTO_Email_Header_ImageHere are 3 reasons why we believe SIRIS from Datto is the best backup system on the planet!


  1. Screenshot Verification. Restoring backups from tape or even from other modern disk-based systems is always a crapshoot – they fail a large amount of the time because test restores are never done. Datto has the unique ability to essentially run a test restore on backup images on a nightly basis: it boots the most recent image and tests to make sure the OS loads properly.  If it doesn’t, it writes up a report and lets us know so we can troubleshoot.  This screenshot verification method is unparalleled in the backup/recovery industry and is our assurance that the backups will work when we need to restore them in a real emergency.
  2. Onsite/Offsite Backup. Datto’s hybrid approach is shared by other methods, but Datto goes further because they use bandwidth more efficiently and give you and us a lot of control over how much data is transmitted offsite and how much bandwidth is used.  Their SpeedSync technology is unmatched.
  3. Instant Virtualization. Datto can bring a server back from the dead in about five minutes. Even if the server is completely non-functional or destroyed, the server image can be booted back up quickly on the Datto. In the event the Datto physical hardware device is destroyed, we can get the server image booted up offsite in a few minutes. Even in the event of a huge catastrophe, this minimizes disruption to your business.