FakeAV: Fake Antivirus infections on the rise…

From our friends at SonicWALL, here’s an alert that Fake Antivirus or ‘FakeAV’ infections are on the rise on Windows-based PCs & Laptops.

Fake Antivirus programs are a type of malware sometimes classified as ‘ransomware.’  They purport to be real security products, but make outrageous claims that your computer is completely infected by viruses.  Then, they demand money to “unlock” the virus-cleaning feature of the software.  In many cases they hold your computer hostage, preventing you from doing any real work until you pay a fee.

We use several levels of security at our client’s sites to try to stop these annoyances, but even so, it pays to understand how FakeAV works and what it looks like.

This is NOT a real antivirus product:

Please check this link for more information:


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