6 IT New Years Resolutions You Need to Make in 2016

Are you a CEO, CFO, CIO or an IT Manager?  Here are 6 IT New Years Resolutions You Need to Make This Year:

  1. Get organized
    • Get a full hardware inventory of all equipment.  It should include serial numbers and warranty end dates.
    • Get a copy of all critical master passwords to key systems.  Store it in a secure place.  Make sure the right people have access to this document.
    • Get an inventory of all software licenses in use
  2. Plan for the unexpected
    • Create a document which shows how to get key systems back up and running in the event of an outage or disaster
    • Test your backup system!
    • Work with management to create a Disaster Recovery Plan for the business.  Include technical and non-technical procedures.
  3. Plan ahead
    • Consider a four-year workstation and laptop replacement cycle.  Map your hardware inventory to that cycle.
    • Determine what other systems to build or replace over the next four years and write out a plan.
    • Map your annual budget to that plan.
  4. Keep IT aligned
    • Set regular strategy meetings with decision makers to keep IT aligned with business
    • Work to create a three-year Business IT plan
  5. Make a plan to remove obsolete systems
  6. Get better service
    • Train internal IT support personnel
    • Move underperforming internal support staff to different roles
    • Consider outsourcing desktop support or all infrastructure management

These are some keys to a well-run IT service organization.

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