Microsoft Self-Audit: Should You be Worried?

Microsoft self-audit

Microsoft Self-Audit: Should I be worried?

We are seeing an increase in Microsoft Self-Audit letters.  We’ve talked with peers, partners and vendors who are also seeing an uptick in these letters with their clients.

Microsoft self-audit letters ask Microsoft end-clients to take their own inventory of installed Microsoft products in their organization. Then they ask for  a written statement (on company letterhead) saying they are either:

  • compliant (they own enough licenses to cover all installed software)
  • non-compliant but have purchased enough licenses to cover the shortfall.

If you receive a Microsoft self-audit letter, do not panic!  

Please let us know. We have a procedure for handling this:

  1. We’ll pull a detailed inventory of your installed Microsoft software from our management system. This inventory even includes license keys.
  2. We’ll help you determine if there are any shortfalls
  3. We’ll help you get compliant. And we’ll make you look good in front of Microsoft!

The part that is usually the biggest challenge is tracking down Microsoft Office licenses. The easy way to solve this is to move to Office365.

Talk to us. We’ll help you get there.

There are additional types of Microsoft Audits you may encounter, but the Microsoft Self-Audit is the simplest and easiest to remedy. For additional information on other forms of Microsoft Audits you can read more here.