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How to Ensure Business Data Security on Personal Devices During WFH or Remote Work

If there’s one thing businesses have learned from COVID-19, it’s that the ability to run operations in a Work From Home (WFH) setting is essential for our modern world. But […]

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Cybersecurity, Security

Setting an IT Security Strategy Roadmap: IT Strategy Consulting

Been thinking about your IT security risk management strategy a lot lately? We hear you. With so much remote work going on right now, and considering the ever-increasing rate of […]

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COVID-19, Work From Home

How Interplay Transitioned to WFH (and You Can Too!) – Q&A with Sean Place, Operations Manager

As it stands right now, Governor Jay Inslee stated in a press conference on Tuesday, April 21, that stay-at-home orders won’t be lifted fully on May 4. He’s being smart […]

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12 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Videoconferencing (or Webconferencing) Software

In Part 1 of this in-depth post, we discussed the reasons why you can’t use Zoom anymore for your business, and highlighted the top 5 alternatives to Zoom, including our […]

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