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How Interplay Transitioned to WFH (and You Can Too!) – Q&A with Sean Place, Operations Manager

As it stands right now, Governor Jay Inslee stated in a press conference on Tuesday, April 21, that stay-at-home orders won’t be lifted fully on May 4. He’s being smart […]

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COVID-19, Videoconferencing, Work From Home

12 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Videoconferencing (or Webconferencing) Software

In Part 1 of this in-depth post, we discussed the reasons why you can’t use Zoom anymore for your business, and highlighted the top 5 alternatives to Zoom, including our […]

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COVID-19, Tips, Videoconferencing, Work From Home

An Amusing Comparison of Videoconferencing Tools for Remote Work in Seattle

So, we’re on Day 1,206 of lockdown here in Seattle, and all of us are pretty used to videoconferencing by now. In fact, we’re so used to it that some […]

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How to Focus on Business Cybersecurity and Productivity While Everyone in Seattle Is Doing Remote Work Because of COVID-19

How is the remote work revolution going for your business? It looks like the dust is settling as we’re all starting to normalize to our at-home routine to handle the […]

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