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How good is your server warranty?

How good is your server warranty? Will it cover your business and keep it operational in case of a hardware failure? As a rule, Server-grade machines are better-built than their […]

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BDPNetworks celebrates 11 years in business!

BDPNetworks celebrates its eleventh anniversary on June 1, 2012. Thank you to all of our clients, employees and vendors who have supported us over the years. In honor of our […]

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Smartphone Security: It Could Be Dangerous

Smartphone Security: Are Smartphones Dangerous? Our increasing reliance on Smartphones is making them more dangerous – we’re carrying passwords, credit card information, personal financial information, private information about our friends […]

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FAKE ANTIVIRUS OUTRAGE: Some news on the legal front

Fake Antivirus It took a while, but it looks like the legal system is starting to catch up to the “Fake Antivirus” guys who were pushing ‘Scareware’: Hopefully this […]

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