The Secret Trick to Navigating Windows 8

windows 8The words “Windows 8” strike fear into many who seem perfectly happy with Windows XP or Windows 7.  But XP has been put out to pasture, and it’s difficult to even order a new business computer with Windows 7 loaded on it.

Windows 8 has received a lot of bad press because of its “confusing” interface. But Microsoft actually created a very simple trick that allows people to come up to speed on Windows 8 very quickly–yet they’ve done a really poor job educating the public on how it works.

The secret?

Tap the windows logo key, then type in what you’re looking for.


When you tap the windows logo, it’ll bring you to the new ‘Start’ screen full of tiles. Navigating this interface is very different from the old Start menu, forcing you to scroll the screen up to look for the program you want to use.

If you simply start typing the first few letters of the program you want to launch, it’ll show you search results on the right-hand side of the screen.  You can use the arrows on your keyboard to move to the selection you want to launch, then hit ‘Enter’ and the program will start right up.

If you get lost, simply tap the Windows logo key again and it’ll take you back to where you were (usually the Desktop).

If you don’t yet have Windows 8, I’d suggest you try this next time you’re in a computer retailer (Costco, Best Buy, etc. – but don’t buy your business computer from those locations; ask us instead.)

Fear Windows 8 no longer:

Tap the windows logo key, then type in what you’re looking for.