Who’s really looking out for your business interests?

Microsoft, one of the largest cloud providers, recently “leaked” an “ad” that lampoons Google’s own ads.

This video really says a lot:


At BDPNetworks, when it comes to recommending software, cloud providers, or services from a major player, we are officially “agnostic.”  We figure out what the client’s requirements are and match them to the solution we best think will fit their needs over the long haul.

But over the many years we’ve been following this industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about some large corporate players – and this information may help you when it comes to purchasing devices, software or services for your business.

It’s really simple – given three major players in this space – Apple, Google, Microsoft – here are some truths:

Who derives most of their revenue from selling software and services?  Microsoft.

Who derives most of their revenue from selling luxury shiny devices and media files?  Apple.

Who derives most of their revenue from selling ads?  Google.

We’re not saying there aren’t some good things Google offers for business, and I’m not saying the Apple iPhone isn’t good for business – both have their place.  But when considering your options for cloud providers, you should follow the money – take a look at the overall driving force of the company you’re thinking of partnering with.


–Brian Place, 5/2013