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Solves Business Problems

These case studies reveal how choosing the right MSP unleashed business processes, created growth opportunities, and better protected companies against cybersecurity threats.

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Cloud Migration

Modernized Worry-Free IT Support

Seattle-based MSP Interplay solves IT growing pains.

How Seattle MSP Interplay migrated Downtown Seattle Association’s IT infrastructure to the cloud with worry-free IT support.

  • Dynamic growth outpaced IT infrastructure
  • Lacked preventative process to step out of IT fire-fighting mode
  • Needed an outsourced IT partner to work with them, not dictate rules
  • Interplay performed a comprehensive network assessment for responsible migration planning
  • Interplay restructured their IT, migrating their systems to the cloud seamlessly

“The interplay team has the knowledge and abilities to make even minor annoyances disappear. They’re fabulous!” – Brenda Evans, VP of Finance, Downtown Seattle Association, Seattle, Washington

Learn how Interplay’s savvy approach to IT infrastructure assessment and cloud migration eased Downtown Seattle Association’s growing pains.

Cloud Migration Case Study

IT Efficiencies

Improved Business Productivity

IT integration frees employees to do their jobs.

See how Interplay improved business productivity at a 70+ year old parts distribution company.

  • Previous IT infrastructure prevented employee access to email and the network
  • Interplay’s proactive problem-solving quickly enabled production flow
  • A long-term strategic IT plan was enacted
  • Interplay identified business process gaps where IT systems could enhance productivity
  • Technology was made more user-friendly with Interplay

“They think of every little thing that could help, then make it happen.” – Evan Hallock, Inside Sales Team Manager, Branom Instrument Company, Seattle, Washington

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Break/Fix IT

The Hitch with Break/Fix

Why have an MSP if you’re troubleshooting IT?

How Interplay’s local, proactive IT support exceeds the break/fix IT model with an architectural business.

  • Previous IT support failed to perform backups for six months
  • Hourly vs. “all in” pricing structure
  • Staff relieved of filling in as IT tech support: systems setup, systems monitoring, and troubleshooting IT issues
  • Cyber security issues proactively addressed
  • Full IT security equipment management and maintenance handled by Interplay
  • Client is free to focus on core competencies
  • Proactive planning and monitoring increased productivity and uptime

“They make dealing with technology understandable and predictable.” – Chris Jones, Principal at Christopher Jones Architects, Seattle, Washington

IT Break/fix dilemma case study

Overbuilt IT

From IT Bloat to IT Efficiency

Did your MSP overbuild? We can fix that.

Learn how Interplay streamlined a non-profit’s over-built network with proactive IT efficiency.

  • Outdated, misaligned, overbuilt system
  • Interplay quickly developed a strategy to scale down and realign IT infrastructure
  • Data recovery plan created and implemented by Interplay
  • Cyber security issues proactively addressed
  • Ransomware attack recovery within four hours

“They helped us identify what we had to do, versus what we could wait on, and worked hand-in-hand with us to implement the recommendations.” – Julie Yunt, IT Manager, IslandWood, Bainbridge Island, Washington

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Non-Local MSP

Local vs. Non-Local MSPs

Switching to Interplay saved commercial property management a bundle

How Interplay’s local, proactive IT support streamlined a commercial property management company’s productivity.

Non-Local IT support:

  • High overhead costs to manage IT tasks (the MSP could have provided)
  • Lagging MSP IT response times halted access, productivity, and procedures

Local IT support with Interplay:

  • Transition procedures streamlined
  • Overhead costs and vendor management issues disappeared
  • More reliable computers, better security, and auditing assistance
  • Quality IT support, including on-site availability

“When we ran across Interplay, we were struck by how authentic and knowledgeable they were.” – Paul Edgeman, Vice President of Marketing and Technology, Thrive Communities

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Hands-On IT

Hands-On IT Relieves Staff

Bare-minimum IT vs hands-on MSP.

Bare-minimum IT vs Hands-on outsourced IT support. Learn how Interplay’s accountability and transparency transformed Constantine Builders.

Bare-minimum IT:

  • Urgent requests ignored
  • No visibility into IT infrastructure health
  • Previous MSP implemented server with a high failure rate
  • No accountability for the (inevitable) server failure

Interplay’s Hands-on IT:

  • Proactive outsourced IT support with 100% transparency
  • Long-term IT planning met short- and long-term needs
  • Lightning fast response times and total accountability
  • Client never wonders what the process is or what comes next

“Interplay’s standards are higher, like ours. They give 100% to everything they do.” – Kay Constantine, co-owner, Constantine Builders, Lake Forest Park, Washington

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