Case Studies

Global Partnerships gets personalized IT service

Global reach requires personalized service

Global Partnerships is a nonprofit, impact-led investment organization with a mission to provide opportunity for people living in poverty around the world. Through donors and investors, their partner organizations are able to deliver solutions that help their clients save time and money, increase productivity, access affordable healthcare and earn a stable income. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, they also have teams working in Managua, Nicaragua and Nairobi, Kenya.

Global Partnerships became disenchanted with their previous managed service provider (MSP) due to poor customer service, prolonged resolution times, and lack of personal relationship. In order to fulfill their mission, they needed a technology partner with a personalized approach and hands-on philosophy.

All hands on deck

When Global Partnerships talked to Interplay, the difference was clear on day one. “We were hoping for a very personal touch, and our expectations were high. They allocated a lot of resources and went ‘all hands on deck’ for us.” said Tosten Haugerud, Global Partnership’s Information System Officer.

As a non-profit organization, Global Partnerships must maintain minimal overhead and operate a “lightweight,” agile IT system. In addition, they have a significant international presence that involves different languages and varying internal and external data sources that must be seamlessly integrated. Like a hand-in-glove, Interplay was able to understand their goals. “They asked questions and really understood who we are and why we do what we do,” commented Haugerud.

Tangible results

In addition to the personalized service they’ve become accustomed to from Interplay, Global Partnerships has seen significant reduction in the time it takes to resolve IT issues. “We are seeing responses in minutes instead of hours,” says Haugerud. “Our previous MSP would have taken a couple days on something like this. They set a really high bar for themselves and then they met it – which is fantastic.”