Case Studies

Panorama Global Finds Fast IT Service, Right on Time

No Time to Slow Down

Panorama Global is an “action tank,” an organization focused on taking bold action to solve urgent global problems. Over 3 years, Panorama has taken action on Ebola, paid leave policy, and gender inequality in politics – and that’s only a few of their projects.

Like many nonprofits, collaboration and innovation never slow down at Panorama and reliable tech helps them move fast. When the action tank team faced service delays and lackluster attention from their outsourced IT service provider, they knew they needed something better.

Local, Friendly IT Service Is Fast Service

Sadie Blake, the Operations Project Coordinator at Panorama Global, is in charge of keeping everything running behind the scenes at the nonprofit. Painfully slow IT service felt, she said, like “doing IT on hard mode.”

“We ended up… waiting forever for a response to things that should go really quickly. Provisioning a laptop for a new employee took (I think) three weeks,” Blake explained.

One reason for the slow service was that the IT company they worked with was on the East Coast, resulting in a time zone mismatch and the inability to get help onsite.

“I was really, really excited to find out that Interplay was local to us,” explained Blake. “Talking with Brian [at Interplay] was like talking with an old friend I didn’t know I’d had. We just hit it off immediately. Both he and Sean [at Interplay] are just awesome, awesome guys. That, and the fact that they were local, is really what changed my mind to go with Interplay.”

An Extremely Timely Decision

Working with Interplay was an instant success.

“On Day 1 of our onboarding, they had Jordan onsite… going through and getting their remote agent on all our computers,” Blake said. “I had a bulleted wishlist… it got fixed right away.”

Then, two weeks later, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down Panorama’s offices.

“Finding Interplay… was extremely, extremely timely for us because… two weeks after we onboarded with them, we all switched to working from home as an entire office. Moving to fully remote was terrifying for us,” Blake said. 

“Everybody on the Help Desk team at Interplay has been amazingly patient and kind and helpful to us. They’ve been very willing to help inform us on how to use things, which I feel is kind of pushing the limits of what a Help Desk is for. I have seen some tickets come through that are like, ‘How do I SharePoint?’ or ‘How do I change the setting?’ and they’re always totally happy to be like, ‘Here’s how. I can help you.’”

With Interplay on her team, Blake says her biggest benefit is “peace of mind.”

“[With Interplay,] I don’t have to actually do the tech help anymore, but I also don’t have to handhold the people who are doing the tech help… I can just send in a ticket and know that it will be taken care of.”