5 Reasons businesses should use INFIMA for security awareness training

Cyberattacks are becoming a bigger and bigger threat to businesses. Check Point’s 2023 Security Report found that cyberattacks worldwide have increased by 38% in 2022 compared to the previous year, translating to 1,168 recorded attacks per organization per week. This means organizations need a robust cybersecurity framework more than ever. One key security measure that they must implement is security awareness training.

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What is security awareness training?

Security awareness training educates employees on how to protect themselves and the company from cyberthreats by helping them understand their role in safeguarding the company’s data and systems. Such training can help eliminate instances of human error that can lead to cyberattacks. Employees may use weak passwords, reuse passwords across multiple accounts, or write down their passwords in easily accessible places. This makes it easy for attackers to gain access to employee accounts and systems.

Moreover, employees are often the targets of phishing attacks, which are designed to trick them into leaking sensitive information or unleashing malware into company systems. Security awareness training helps employees avoid these traps as well as practice good cybersecurity habits.

To effectively enhance your business’s security posture, use INFIMA as your company’s security awareness training software.

Why should businesses use INFIMA for security awareness training?

There are many security awareness training solutions available in the market, but you should consider INFIMA for these reasons:

1. Easy-to-use platform

INFIMA is a cloud-based platform, so it can be accessed from anywhere. It is also very easy to set up and use, allowing you to add and remove users in just 10 minutes.

The platform provides a variety of features that make it easy to create and manage training programs, including a library of premade training modules, a reporting dashboard, and a user management system.

2. Comprehensive and customizable training content

INFIMA offers comprehensive training content, covering various topics such as phishing, social engineering, data protection, password security, and more. INFIMA’s extensive coverage ensures that employees receive valuable information on the cyberthreats they are most likely to encounter in their roles.

What sets INFIMA apart is that it enables you to tailor the training content to align with your company’s unique security requirements. You can customize the topics covered and scenarios used in the modules as well as incorporate your company’s specific policies, procedures, and industry regulations into the training.

3. Engaging and interactive content

INFIMA was developed by a team of cybersecurity experts and behavioral psychologists. They designed the training to be engaging and interactive to promote knowledge retention. This approach enables employees to develop a deep understanding of cybersecurity best practices and apply that knowledge in their daily work.

4. Automated phishing simulations

With INFIMA, you can regularly deliver simulated phishing attacks to your employees without any input from you. These simulations mimic real-world scenarios that let you test and measure your employees’ susceptibility to phishing, so you can identify vulnerable employees and provide them with further training.

5. Metrics and reporting

INFIMA provides comprehensive metrics and reporting features to track employees’ progress and measure the effectiveness of the training program. You can monitor key performance indicators, such as completion rates, quiz scores, and improvement over time, to gain insights into the overall security awareness of your workforce. This data-driven approach allows you to make informed decisions and allocate resources accordingly to address any security gaps.

When you leverage Interplay’s managed IT services, you gain access to INFIMA and other enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions. This allows you to keep your business protected from all types of cyberthreats for a fraction of the cost. Get in touch with us today to get started.