Getting the Best IT Support in Seattle? 5 Things to Look For.    

Quick! It’s 8:00 AM and you have a big client presentation scheduled in one hour. You’re putting all the finishing touches on your PowerPoint, dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, and your office manager is printing out files and clipping them into binders at top speed. 

Suddenly, your screen blinks out. 

The printer stops. 

While cursing under your breath (you do not have time for this right now), you press your computer’s power button, hoping you saved that darn PowerPoint in the last few minutes… but your computer is unresponsive

No matter what you do, your computer won’t start up – and it’s the only place with the binder files and the presentation. 

Ransomware attack? Malware? Simple power outage or hardware failure? You’re not sure what you’re facing here, but you do know one thing for sure: It’s time to call IT support and hope that you have the best IT support ever… because the clock is ticking. 

Do You Have the Best IT Support in Seattle? Find Out.  

Okay, now that you’ve read through that stressful intro section, take a deep breath and relax. Perhaps take a break and pour yourself a fresh coffee (we recommend this often). Clearly, you’re not facing that horrible situation in real life because, if you were, you would not be spending your time reading our blog right now. 

But this situation could be coming at any time, so it’s important that you make sure you’re prepared. You deserve to know that when you have an IT emergency, you’ll get the absolute best IT support that’s ever been. 

So, whether you’re shopping for a new IT support provider or you’re checking up on the capabilities of your current provider, make sure you’re guaranteed these 5 critical services

Friendly, hands-on support 24/7

Sure, a lot of tech comes with free IT support but, in many cases, “free” means “spend your time instead of your money.” We’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that you have about 12,000 more important things to do than wait on hold for hours before you finally get the “opportunity” to obediently press buttons as a remote technician slooooowly walks you through all the steps it takes to fix your tech yourself. 

Ensure you have the best IT support for your Seattle-based company when you work with a managed IT services provider (MSP) that will not only help you solve tech issues 24/7,  but will also roll up their sleeves and get hands-on with your tech to fix it for you. 

After-hours patching plus managed detection and response (MDR)

What’s better than hands-on IT help when your tech stops working? Hands-on IT help that prevents your tech from breaking in the first place

After-hours patching automatically applies required and recommended patches for your tech while you sleep, and managed detection and response (MDR) keeps a trained IT expert watching your systems throughout the day and night, so you can proactively prevent glitches and keep cybercriminals out

Managed antivirus protection

Take a second to think about that one employee who, you’re pretty sure, isn’t updating their antivirus software on their laptop. (You hope it’s only one employee!) That person, sadly, is endangering your entire business because their delay could be opening the door for viruses and malware to infect your whole network. Maybe that’s why your computer screen went dark. 

Managed antivirus protection ensures that every device across your company, including yours, always has the latest antivirus updates installed. It also proactively prevents new viruses from hitting your networks by quickly identifying and blocking emerging threats from coming into contact with your systems. 

CIO On-Demand strategy planning and migration support

Maybe you need a new laptop or a better backup system after that computer crash. Business technology is extremely expensive, and there’s not a single business leader who hasn’t, at one point, made a bad tech investment. That’s entirely understandable! After all, tech vendors don’t seem to work very hard to make their products understandable and tech enthusiasts launch into weird techspeak when you ask them a question. Ick.  

With CIO On-Demand support from your MSP, you can ensure you invest in and take full advantage of the best IT solutions for your company because you’ll have a tech expert making sure that all your IT purchases are strategically planned with your business objectives in mind. Plus, with the friendly IT support you get from one of the best IT support companies in all of Seattle (Interplay!), you’ll also get understandable advice, with no jargon or techspeak. Hooray! 

All-in pricing

Do you need all of these services to make sure you get the best IT support in Seattle? Well, no. But you’ll want to strongly consider having all these support services available, because you don’t want to waste time arguing with your IT support provider about scope and add-on costs when you’re facing a tech emergency. 

Skip the scope argument when you work with a globally recognized managed services provider, here in Seattle, that offers all of these services with convenient, all-in pricing. With all-in pricing, you’ll have predictable IT costs each month, with no surprises, even if you run into a series of tech emergencies. 

You know? We have just the MSP to recommend for all of this. 😉 

Get the Best IT Support in Seattle. Work with Interplay. 

Since 2001, Interplay has been providing friendly, expert IT assistance to local Seattle businesses, with reasonable all-in pricing that includes extensive IT support and services. As one of the city’s longest-standing IT providers, and one of the only true MSPs in Seattle, you can trust that, with Interplay, you’ll get the best IT support you can get – from one of the best IT companies out there. 


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