Whitepaper: Backup vs. Business Continuity

Whitepaper: What is the difference between Backup and Business Continuity?

About five years ago we were frustrated with the state of backup and data protection systems for our clients and went looking for a better solution. We found Datto who supplied us with true business continuity systems. These systems go way beyond backup because they are specially designed to keep the business up and running when there’s an outage or human error.  Recoverability is the key feature of these systems.

Determining the Scope of the Problem

We worked with Datto to put together a great whitepaper that explains the ins and outs of Business Continuity.  Some questions we wanted to answer included:

  • Can you really trust your backup system to keep your IT services up and running in the event of an outage?
  • How much does downtime cost?  
  • What happens to a business that experiences downtime?

Contents of the Whitepaper

 Inside this whitepaper you will discover:

  • What causes downtime?  (Hint: it’s mostly human error!)
  • What are the ramifications of data loss?
  • What happens when there is a data loss or downtime?
  • How do businesses currently handle data protection?
  • What is RTO and RPO?
  • Key features to look for in a business continuity vendor

Click below to access our whitepaper and please let us know your comments!

Whitepaper: Backup vs. Business Continuity

Business Continuity White Paper by Datto & BDPNetworks