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How Interplay Responded to the Kaseya Attack

By this point, you’ve heard about the Kaseya attack that hit MSPs and their clients over the July 4th weekend. This was a sophisticated ransomware attack that affected at least […]

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Black Lives Matter

We see you, we’re listening, and we’re working on being better allies. We’re looking to share our resources with black-led organizations and companies. We’ll be reaching out soon, and if […]

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DataSpii Is the Newest Seattle Cybersecurity Danger – Get the Facts

Here at the Seattle cybersecurity firm Interplay, our job is to keep your business data safely in your hands – and out of the hands of cybercriminals. That’s why, when […]

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3 Ways to Tell If You’ve Been Cryptojacked… and How Business IT Services Can Help

In our last article, we discussed cryptojacking in great detail, including information about what cryptojacking is, how it happens, why cybercriminals are increasingly turning to this destructive method of cyberattack. […]

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