Cloud Data Backup – Why It’s Really Important for 2022

Nearly every small business is on the cloud at this point – but approximately 1 in 3 companies have experienced data loss in the cloud, according to the backup experts at Datto. 

 Don’t become a statistic. Learn all about cloud data backup and how it works.  

TL;DR: Cloud data can be deleted, hacked, lost, or corrupted. That’s why it’s important to back up your data on the cloud, just like you would back up the data on your office servers. Ask for more info. 

Why Backing Up Cloud Data Is Critical

Although the cloud is great at keeping your files secure and easily accessible to all your employees at home and in the office, the cloud isn’t an impenetrable data storage vault. Many business leaders are surprised to learn that their cloud data can be deleted, lost, hacked, and even stolen with ransomware. 

Though most companies these days have protections in place for backing up the data on their in-office servers, a lot of organizations don’t realize they need backups for their cloud data too. By the time they realize that their files, appointments, emails, or contacts are missing – it’s too late to learn that lesson the easy way. 

Cloud data backup protects your cloud data in Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace by providing a full backup of everything your organization has stored in those clouds. This includes data from Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Gmail, Google Drive, Shared Drives, Calendar, Contacts, and more. If it’s on those clouds, it’s backed up. 

How Does Cloud Data Backup Work?

Cloud backup works just like a regular Datto backup solution. It creates multiple, automated backups of all your cloud data every day and stores those backups on an independent, third-party server.

If you run into a problem like a missing or accidentally deleted file or email, you can call up your cloud data management services team and they can instantly restore the missing file for you. They can also restore your entire account if you are targeted by ransomware. 

In short: cloud data backup is like a rewind button for your cloud files. It helps you erase anything bad that happened, so you can continue your workday as usual. 

In addition, your IT support team can use your cloud backup to restore files to a different account if you have an employee leave or transfer job duties, and you can keep records in canceled accounts for as long as you want to. (Cloud services will often delete data from inactive accounts, which can be a headache.) 

Best of all, cloud backup meets the major regulatory mandates, such as HIPAA, so you can rest easy knowing that your files are secure and compliant. 

Wait – Don’t Google and Microsoft Back Up My Data?

Both Google and Microsoft back up your data, and Google Vault provides a way for you to access deleted data. Honestly though, native cloud backups are pretty lame. 

Check this out: 

  • Google Vault only allows restores for 25 days and doesn’t roll back canceled accounts.
  • Neither Microsoft nor Google will “rewind” your cloud data to a point in time before a ransomware attack.
  • Microsoft operates on a “shared responsibility” model in which they promise to take care of any issues if they lose your data – but they expect you to take care of any issues if you lose your data.  

Here’s another great reason to independently back up your cloud data onto a third-party server: with backup, the cloud companies can’t hold your data hostage! 

  • Considering that prices are getting sky-high lately, it can be a serious relief to know that you’re not “locked in” to any specific cloud vendor because you have a full, up-to-date backup of all your cloud data, all the time. 

Keep Your Cloud Data Safe

If you’re like most of the organizations we work with here in Seattle, your company has run nearly everything on the cloud for about two years now. That’s a lot of data you have stored in the cloud – and the more data you have in the cloud, the more risk you have in the cloud. 

Everything in the world is so uncertain right now, which is why you deserve to enjoy peace of mind about your business data. Treat yourself to cloud data backup in 2022, so you’re covered no matter what. 

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