2 Easy Ways to Get IT Support!

imgresWe know you’re busy.  And IT problems can really drag you down.  That’s why we want to take a moment to remind you how to get in touch with us if you get stuck on something.

There are two ways to contact us when you need assistance:


We use a centrally-managed issue ticketing system that tracks all IT issues. All e-mails sent to [email protected] will generate an e-mail that acknowledges we got your issue. You’ll receive a tracking number; please save this response e-mail in a folder so you can refer to it later.

When e-mailing an issue in, please use a short but descriptive subject line, such as:

  • I need Acrobat installed
  • Trouble connecting tablet to Wi-Fi
  • Can’t print
  • Outlook is crashing
  • Can’t connect to VPN
  • Can’t connect to Remote Desktop session

We will update your ticket periodically and will often ask for additional information. Please read and respond to these updates when you see them so we can continue working the issue.

Phone Support:

If you have a REALLY urgent request that’s stopping work, we ask that you call in to our helpdesk – 206-329-6600. In most cases you will get a “live human” but if you don’t you should get a call back within 15 minutes.

Thanks for your attention to this!