Why IT Infrastructure Services Matter Now More Than Ever Before

It seems like the news on cybersecurity gets worse every day. Data breaches are old news, ransomware attacks happen each week, malware has become an MLM industry, and now cybercriminals are hijacking computer processing power to mine cryptocurrency or satisfy personal vendettas. What a mess.

While the average person may simply back down from the cybersecurity disaster that characterizes the modern tech world, you don’t have the option to throw your hands up in the air and surrender to the attackers. You have a business to run.

That means you need to know about your IT infrastructure, services that can help you support it, and the ways you can securely extend it when you’re ready to grow your business.


What Is Your IT Infrastructure?

“IT infrastructure” is tech-speak for all the parts that make up the entirety of your business technology. It includes your:

  • Hardware – computers, servers, routers, phones, tablets, etc.
  • Networks – routers, firewalls, switches, remote access, VPN, etc.
  • Software – licenses, versioning, patching, compatibility, etc.
  • Services – internet, cellular, security, cloud, licenses, etc.

Often, your IT infrastructure also includes your facilities because they house your server room and contain your networks, so they’re also an important factor in determining the security and optimization of your overall business technology. If you’re looking to expand your business to a new location, that new location will become part of your infrastructure, so you’ll want to make sure it strengthens rather than weakens your IT capabilities.


Why Does IT Infrastructure Matter?

Aside from the obvious reason that you need good, working technology to run your business, your IT infrastructure matters because it’s a complex system with many parts, all of which must seamlessly come together to ease your daily tasks and operations.


  • If your internet router died today, how would that affect your productivity?
  • If your tablet fell into Lake Washington, would you lose many files?
  • If your network fell victim to a ransomware attack, how would that change your plans?

Your IT infrastructure brings together all these parts of your business technology, and, since it’s a complex system, each part affects the other parts. Therefore, a single badly functioning or unsecured device can impact all the others, and any unexpected slowdown (whether maliciously inflicted or pure IT incompatibility) can wreak havoc on your deadlines.

In short: your IT infrastructure is pretty important. You keep your business going… your IT infrastructure keeps you going.


What Should You Do About Your IT Infrastructure?

We’re pleased you read through our carefully crafted explanation of what an IT infrastructure is and why it matters… but, honestly, you shouldn’t have to know any of that. Your business technology is a tool for your business’s success, yet with all the many decisions you need to make about your IT these days, it seems it’s becoming less of a tool and more of a hassle. A hassle you can’t do without.

This tech stuff is really creating a problem. It’s time for you to find a solution.

When you face adversity or challenge in your business, you already know the best response: find solutions and create change. As a business owner, you also know that pretty much everything is your responsibility, so it’s up to you to identify those solutions and move forward with your plan.

You’re a strong person and you’re used to taking command, so this one extra task shouldn’t be such a big deal, should it?

Actually, IT infrastructure is a very big deal. Today’s networks, computers, software, and servers each require a very specific skillset to manage and support – and, on top of that, security requirements are getting tighter and more complex all the time. It’s hard to prevent the attacks we talked about in the opening paragraphs of this article without a well-managed infrastructure, but you have better things to do than learn how to mastermind your technology. It would take a lot of work for you to sort through your options, find appropriate solutions, and execute an effective plan.

Luckily, you’re not alone.


Get IT Infrastructure Services and Support in Seattle

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