Jason Lovejoy: Why I Work at BDPNetworks

Today’s guest post is by Jason Lovejoy, our Service Manager and all around great guy!

Why I Work at BDPNetworks

Service Manager, Jason Lovejoy - why I work at BDPNetworks

Our fearless Service Manager, Jason Lovejoy works hard on an ancient mainframe at the Living Computer Museum in Seattle.

A while back we did an internal analysis of the benefits of BDPNetworks. It only involved 4 simple questions, and after some thought, this is what I came up with:

1. Why do our clients use us over a competitor?

Personal interaction is important when deciding which MSP (Managed Service Provider) to use. When dealing with a larger MSP, your company may get lost in the shuffle. The more clients an MSP has, the less important each one becomes. With BDPNetworks, you get a more personal, hands-on approach to IT solutions. Each one of our clients knows our staff by name. When they call or email our support contacts for an issue, they receive an immediate response from our front line: Service Desk Coordinator, Melanie Turnbull.

2. What makes us different?

What really makes us different from other competitors is our size and dedication. Where other MSPs may provide adequate service, BDPNetworks has the staff and the dedication to service your company 24/7. Other MSPs may clock out at 5pm, leaving critical issues to another day (or charging an exorbitant amount of money for afterhours support), but BDPNetworks provides around the clock service to all of its customers. The emergency contact line automatically rings each employee’s cellphone ensuring that you WILL reach a qualified engineer immediately.

3. What makes us better?

Our monitoring capabilities and strong focus on fixing the problem quickly, the first time, and having it stay fixed. With the way our program is structured, it’s in OUR best interest to make sure the problem gets resolved efficiently and effectively. When using a company based on time & materials, it’s all too possible to make an issue drag on requiring multiple service calls. With BDPNetworks, the longer it takes us to resolve an issue, the less money we make.

We’re not just one guy fixing your computers issue by issue. We’re a full stack of integrated services completely managing your entire network. An entire team dedicated to complete top-down management of your IT infrastructure.

4. What makes us unique?

Our employees. The personal approach with friendly and knowledgeable attitudes is what sets us apart from other IT companies. We’re able to bridge the gap between the tech world, and the people who rely on it to ‘just work’. BDPNetworks lifts the curtain and makes in-depth IT knowledge accessible and understandable to business owners and employees alike.