Why Seattle Business Leaders Choose IT Outsourcing in 2020

Considering our modern gig economy, it would be odd if you hadn’t yet thought of hiring for IT outsourcing services – but every office has “that one person” who’s good with computers, so why hire outside the company to handle your in-office tech? 

Well, as it turns out, there are a lot of great reasons to outsource your IT services to a managed services provider (MSP). That’s why Seattle business leaders are making the choice to outsource IT in 2020. 

Should You Outsource Your IT?


Here are just 3 of the top reasons for outsourcing your IT.

1. Reduced Costs

“That one person” at your company who’s really good with tech may cost very little, but they also can’t devote all their time and energy to solving tricky tech issues around the clock. 

Aside from outsourcing, the only way to get a dedicated tech professional who’s always around to solve IT problems for you is to hire an in-house person – or, rather, an in-house team, because your tech needs to run smoothly 24/7. One lone IT person can’t work all day and all night, every weekend, and while they’re on PTO

But hiring a full in-house team costs a shocking amount of money, especially with the salaries tech professionals expect in our high-tech city. 

However, an outsourced IT team will deliver expert IT help, at all hours of the day and night, and that outsourced team will cost less than you’d pay to recruit, hire, and retain in-house pros

Plus, IT outsourcing services often include vendor discounts from companies like Microsoft and Cisco, which means IT outsourcers can hook you up with tech deals that your in-house team wouldn’t have access to. 

Tip: To get the best “bang for your buck” on IT outsourcing services, look for an MSP that offers fixed fee pricing on a customized package that includes every IT service your business needs – and none of the services you shouldn’t have to pay for. 

2. High-Quality IT Expertise

IT outsourcing with an MSP is really the only way you can save on costs and ensure high-quality tech expertise. And that’s an important combo. 

Considering today’s fast-paced, cyberthreat-filled world, in which 1 in 5 SMBs report that they’ve fallen victim to a ransomware attack, do you want that one person in your office who’s “pretty good” with computers to be in charge of securing decades of your digital business data… or would you rather have an IT rock star protecting your business? 

Thought so. 

Can you recruit, hire, and pay for continuing education opportunities for a team of IT rock stars in house? Do you have enough IT knowledge yourself to be able to quiz job candidates to make sure they can walk their talk? 

A top IT outsourced company, like Interplay here in Seattle, can — and does — maintain that level of IT expertise in-house, which means you can rest easy knowing your tech is taken care of, worry-free

3. Better Business Focus

Maybe in your business, “that one person” who’s good with IT is you. If so, that means you’re in the totally-not-enviable position of being the go-to person whenever one of your employees accidentally deletes a file, needs an explanation of how to set up their email inbox, or can’t get files to sync to their iPad. 

And that’s if you’re lucky. 

If you’re not so lucky, being that one person means you have to spend hours of your week troubleshooting issues with your wireless printer (while everyone waits to print their documents), trying to figure out why one of your employee’s phones is telling them that it can’t open emails because of a “file not supported” error (?!?!), and waiting around the office late to complete manual backups (or worse, to restore from backups). 

If you didn’t have to solve these tech issues yourself, how much more time and energy would you have to devote to building your business? How much do you think that could equal out to in revenues? 

And, if you’re not “that one person” who’s good with computers, how much time would it save you if you didn’t have to wait on “that one person” to get to solving your issue? How much time do you waste on workarounds while you wait for a solution? How much do you think that impacts your work/life balance, because those deadlines don’t just go away and tech issues force you to finish up work on the weekend? 

It doesn’t take much effort to imagine how much more productive and profitable your company could be, and how much happier your employees could be, if you simply had a tech expert to solve problems for you, quickly. 


To Get All These Benefits You Have to Work with the Right IT Outsourcing Services Provider

Reduced costs, increased expertise, and a more productive and profitable business sounds like the perfect deal, which is why so many of Seattle’s business leaders are choosing IT outsourcing services in 2020. 

However, not all IT outsourcing companies are the same. In fact, they’re all pretty darn different from one another. 

And that’s why Interplay, one of Seattle’s longest-standing MSPs and one of the only true MSPs in the city, has put together an in-depth guide for selecting the right MSP for your needs. 


Check out The Seattle Business Owner’s Guide to IT Security, so you can get the facts on what you can expect from outsourcing your IT, which tasks business leaders commonly outsource, and how to find the exact right MSP for your needs.