Three Signs It’s Time to Hire One of Seattle’s Computer Support Companies

Are you currently working with a national computer support company for IT support at your business? IT services here in the city can be pricy if you choose the wrong local vendor, which is why Seattle business owners often choose to outsource their IT operations to a remote-support-only MSP firm that serves a national base. However, companies that make this decision often end up regretting their choice.

In other words, Seattle business owners may choose one of the national computer support companies as their first MSP, but they usually quickly switch to a Seattle MSP as their long-term provider.

Whether you’re starting to feel frustrated with that massive, national MSP firm you chose, or you’ve been frustrated for a while, this article will help you decide if it’s time to fire your current MSP and instead work with one of your local, Seattle-based computer support companies, such as Interplay.

Here are the three signs it’s time to hire here in the city.

1. Your Time Is Important.

As you know, there are two main models for running a sustainable competitive business. Either you can compete on price, or you can compete on quality. MSPs that serve a national customer base must, by necessity, compete on costs because their business model focuses on volume. The way to get the most clients is to offer the lowest pricing (i.e. the Walmart approach).

Unfortunately, when you deal with the computer support companies that have a volume-based mentality, your interactions with them will be characterized by formulaic problem solving, slow ticket resolution times, long call wait times, and the frustrating necessity of having to work your way up the chain of command — battling the stupidity of a seemingly endless number of unskilled underlings — before your case will finally be escalated to a knowledgeable IT technician.

That formulaic, one-size-fits-all approach results in a lot of wasted time on your part and when your business has come to a screeching halt because your network is down, it’s frankly insulting to hear those national companies’ hold messages blandly stating, “Your call is important to us, please continue to hold…”

When you work with one of Seattle’s local computer support companies, you’ll never be just a number. Here in the city, we know how fast things move, so a Seattle IT outsourcing firm’s top priority will be to get your computers up and running as fast as possible, with no formulaic time wasters. That’s why local, Seattle-based MSPs know how to get your company back on track within just 5 minutes of a ransomware attack. (Ask us about it.)

2. Your Business Deserves Truly Knowledgeable IT Support

Computers and networks are confusing (and cybercriminals are devious), which is why so many organizations outsource their IT to computer support companies. In addition, computers and the technology behind them are constantly evolving and changing, so even if you know a lot about computers, you have to keep learning more to stay up to date.

You have better things to do, like keep up on innovations in your industry.

It’s an outsourced IT company’s job to keep up with the latest and greatest in the tech industry, so if you feel that the “help” desk at your national IT outsourcing company seems to always apply the same old solutions to different problems, or that none of their practices or recommendations seem to change and they’re not communicating new information to you on a regular basis… well, you have to wonder if they’re keeping up with the IT field or if they’re just coasting by and taking your hard-earned cash.

A local, Seattle-based computer support company honestly can’t afford to coast on old IT knowledge. Since we’re located in one of America’s top tech cities, Seattle IT techs are pretty much required to keep up on the evolving tech industry, so we can remain on the cutting-edge at all times.

The reality is that there’s a lot of competition here in the Seattle market for computer support companies (though very few are true MSPs), and your Seattle MSP needs to stay knowledgeable to stay in business. As a tip for your search, the city’s most knowledgeable computer support companies are going to be the ones that have been successful the longest.

3. Your Success Matters to Seattleites

Think of some of your favorite local hangouts and how much you rely on them. Seattle wouldn’t be the same without the triple coconut cream pie at Dahlia’s Lounge or the no-frills oysters at Emmet Watson’s Oyster Bar. If those restaurants closed down, Seattle just wouldn’t be the same.

However, if some diner and some small oyster bar in New York City closed down… no one here would care.

When you work with a Seattle computer support company, you’re working with an IT outsourcer who drives by your offices on a regular basis and who can (and will) recommend your products and services to their friends. A Seattle outsourced IT company is going to care whether or not your business succeeds and will do everything possible to keep your company going.

A national MSP on the other hand… well, to them you’re just some tiny oyster bar in New York City.

Is It Time to Work with One of Seattle’s Computer Support Companies?

If you’ve been reading this article and gritting your teeth because you totally get what we’re talking about, you’ve been dealing with those volume-based national computer support companies for too long.

It’s time you experienced the difference.

Since 2001, Interplay has been providing Seattle’s businesses with personalized service and knowledgeable IT support focused on keeping our local businesses successful. To the team of local experts at Interplay, your business is never a number or a forgettable oyster bar, your business is a critical part of the thriving local economy that we all share. Your time is important to us, your success is important to us, and you are important to us.

Let us prove it to you.


Contact Interplay, one of Seattle’s longest-standing, award-winning computer support companies, to learn more about how you can benefit from outsourcing right here in Seattle.