What Is Passwordless Login?

Everyone hates passwords. They aren’t just inconvenient, they are also a big target for cyberattacks. In fact, Microsoft confirms that 579 password attacks happen every second, approximately 18 billion each year!

Clearly, we need a better solution for cybersecurity than passwords… which is why software publishers like Microsoft are starting to ask, “What if we just eliminated passwords entirely?”

TL;DR: Passwordless login focuses more on verifying your identity than your credentials, which makes it far more secure and convenient to use. Get in touch with Interplay to learn more.

What Is Passwordless Login?

A passwordless login is just what it sounds like: a way to log in to your accounts that doesn’t require a password

Instead of memorizing a complex and unique password (or using a password manager to remember it for you), passwordless login uses one of these options to log you in:

Why are there so many methods? To fit a range of devices and use cases, of course.

Why Passwordless Login Makes Sense

Whereas password-based logins require overcoming only one easily hackable gate, each method listed above requires 2 secure gates:

  • Your authorized device, such as a phone, tablet, or laptop you’ve already authenticated as yours 
  • Your proof of identity, such as your PIN, fingerprint or face, or a security key

Unless you’re notorious enough to be hacked by James Bond, no hacker will have the know-how to get their hands on your device and your proof of identity.

Is It Time for You to Go Passwordless?

As Microsoft is fond of pointing out, “Hackers don’t break in – they log in.” 

With that, they’re saying what we all know by this point: by the time a hacker gets in to your systems, they’ve already stolen your password or purchased it on the dark web

“A password that doesn’t exist can never be cracked.”

All the hacker needed to do was get their hands on the password, and that itself provided them with the access they needed. That’s why eliminating passwords is a great choice when you’re ready to improve your security.

Learn More About Passwordless Logins

Passwordless logins don’t just boost your security, they also boost your company’s productivity

  • Imagine the time your business would recoup if no one had to change their password, request support to track down a missing password, or reset a forgotten password – ever again.
  • Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about phishing attacks stealing passwords – because you didn’t use passwords.
  • Imagine if you could get rid of those tiresome multifactor authentication steps – forever.

If you’re curious to learn how you can turn these imaginings into reality by trialing or implementing passwordless login at your company, just reach out to the experts at Interplay.

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