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What Is an MFA Fatigue Attack?

If your company is using multifactor authentication to prevent cyberattacks, you should know that hackers have figured out ways to get around MFA. They can use malware and Man-in-the-Middle attacks […]

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How Does Passwordless Login Work?

For years, computer security required the hassles of creating complex and unique passwords, remembering them (or contacting support when you forgot them), and frequently changing those passwords. But, as it […]

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What Is Passwordless Login?

Everyone hates passwords. They aren’t just inconvenient, they are also a big target for cyberattacks. In fact, Microsoft confirms that 579 password attacks happen every second, approximately 18 billion each […]

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Farfetched as It Sounds, Cybercriminals Are Amassing Troves of Data – Here’s Why

“The information, it just sits there waiting for you to get it.” –Ngô Minh Hiếu, reformed cybercriminal The Identity Theft Resource Center states that 2021 was a record year for […]

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