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Russian-Based Group Behind the SolarWinds Attack Has Launched a New Campaign

In December 2020, the world was hit with one of the most sophisticated cyberespionage attacks in history: the SolarWinds attack. (As if we didn’t have enough to deal with in […]

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How Interplay Responded to the Kaseya Attack

By this point, you’ve heard about the Kaseya attack that hit MSPs and their clients over the July 4th weekend. This was a sophisticated ransomware attack that affected at least […]

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What Are Ransomware Attacks?

It’s nearly Halloween again – and that means it’s time to talk about spooky cybersecurity issues (yay?). One of the scariest things we can think of is ransomware attacks, which […]

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Important Facts on Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks

Business email compromise (BEC) attacks pretend to be from someone within your organization in an attempt to encourage a knee-jerk reaction of obedience from employees. They work really, really well […]

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