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Ransomware Simulator Tool Lets You Test Your Network Protection

Ransomware has caused such a furor in the world of business computing (and especially in certain industries), to the point that many organizations are sparing no expense in getting tip-top […]

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Guarding Against DDoS Attacks

On October 21, we learned that the distributed denial-of-service attack has become a vastly greater threat than ever before. By attacking domain name service provider Dyn, a botnet was able […]

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This time-lapse of a network rewiring we did is incredibly satisfying to watch.

IslandWood Network Rewiring Over the weekend, we did a network rewiring of¬† IslandWood’s server room. ¬†BDPNetworks Lead Engineer Jordan Ross and Service Engineer Brent Johnson worked for about 10 hours […]

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Interference? Upgrade Your Access Points!

The Problem with Older/Consumer-Grade Wireless Access Points Here in Seattle we’re experiencing a huge construction boom in our downtown core. People are moving to this city in droves and skyscrapers […]

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