How One Company Decided on Computer Support in Seattle – A Success Story

Considering working with an outsourced provider for computer support in Seattle? Since you’re looking here in the Seattle area, you’ve clearly already experienced the disappointment that many national IT support providers cause and you’re ready to sort through your options here in the city.

As you’ve probably noticed, you have a lot of options for outsourced IT companies, so you may want some guiding advice from a local Seattle business that was also looking for a computer support provider.

Here’s how one company decided on computer support in Seattle – and why they ultimately chose Interplay.

A Problem of Scale for the Downtown Seattle Association

When the Downtown Seattle Association found themselves rapidly expanding (by 260%!) in 2014, they realized they’d have to make a big plan to protect their technology, their employees, their business partners, and their leadership vision. The fate of our city’s downtown community and economic development rested on their shoulders.

The Downtown Seattle Association knew they needed a well-respected, highly experienced local computer support company – and they also knew they needed an outsourced IT team that could keep them ahead of the tech curve and ahead of cybercrime.

In other words, they required the comprehensive IT protection that only an MSP could provide.

Finding the Right Partner for Computer Support in Seattle

An MSP, or “Managed Services Provider,” differs from a traditional “break/fix” computer repair team because an MSP delivers proactive care that can prevent computer troubles from occurring in the first place.

With the rise in cybercrime, especially ransomware and its resulting downtime-related costs, the Downtown Seattle Association could see that reactive, break/fix computer support applied after the fact would be too slow and costly for their needs.

However, they were looking for more than just a proactive IT team.

“We needed someone who could not only fix issues, but someone who could be proactive about strategic recommendations,” said Emily Bailor, Senior Manager of Board & Employee Engagement, Downtown Seattle Association.

Interplay was an award-winning MSPwith great partnerships across the city, and their wide-ranging experience and long-term IT expertise made them a solid choice for the Downtown Seattle Association’s strategic planning needs.

However, the Downtown Seattle Association required one more key ability from their outsourced computer support company: knowledge.

“Our biggest concern was we needed someone who could demonstrate to us that they knew current technology,” said Brenda Evans, VP of Finance, Downtown Seattle Association. “[Interplay was] more knowledgeable… and more accommodating than other providers – asking for what we needed done rather than other providers [who wanted] us to follow their rules.”

Lastly, for the Downtown Seattle Association, the MSP they chose had to be a local provider.

The Benefit of Choosing a Local Seattle Computer Support Company

By the time they found the right provider, the Downtown Seattle Association was already experiencing growing pains from their rapid expansion. They were tired of having to “put out fires” all the time.

By choosing a local MSP, right nearby in Seattle, they could ensure that they’d receive both the proactive, strategic care they wanted in the future, as well as the immediate, emergency care they needed in the present.

Their choice of a Seattle MSP paid off.

Instantly, Interplay rolled up their sleeves, so they could get to work on the hands-on support that the Downtown Seattle Association needed. After performing a thorough assessment of the Association’s network, the Seattle MSP fixed and restructured infrastructure, upgraded software, and moved key services to the cloud. They also identified forward-thinking strategies to mitigate and prevent IT problems.

Interplay: The Complete Solution for IT Worries in Seattle

Since Interplay is right in the area, the Downtown Seattle Association knows they can call on their MSP for help any time – but Interplay has kept their IT running so smoothly that they haven’t needed emergency help since hiring the local MSP.

There were no IT issues at all once [Interplay] took over. It was seamless,” said Evans. “The Interplay team has the knowledge and abilities to make even minor annoyances disappear. They’re fabulous!”

With the right provider for computer support in Seattle, how many IT annoyances and issues would your company be able to eliminate?

Isn’t it time to find out?


Simplify your computer support company selection process. Learn more about the Downtown Seattle Association’s experience choosing and working with Interplay.