Three Real-Life Reviews from Organizations That Work with IT Companies in Seattle

Curious about what it’s like to work with IT companies in Seattle? Want to know about what you should expect from a good managed services provider (MSP) and IT support company?

You deserve to know. 

And that’s why Interplay, one of Seattle’s longest-standing MSPs, and one of the only true MSPs in the city, has compiled this list of 3 real-life reviews from organizations we work with. 

Global Partnerships

Not all MSPs are great – sometimes you end up with a lemon. 

Global Partnerships, a non-profit focused on providing opportunity for people living in poverty around the world, had already spent time working with another of the IT companies in Seattle – but they were unhappy with their experience. They were especially disappointed with the poor customer service, prolonged resolution times, and the lack of a personal relationship that they had with their prior MSP. 

However, when Global Partnerships started working with Interplay, their entire IT support experience changed

Not only did Interplay take the time to develop a personal relationship with the non-profit, Interplay asked questions and listened to the answers to truly understand how they, as one of the leading IT support companies in Seattle, could best support Global Partnerships’ needs. 

Their approach worked. 

“We are seeing responses in minutes instead of hours. Our previous MSP would have taken a couple days on something like this. [Interplay] set a really high bar for themselves and then they met it – which is fantastic.” 

Tosten Haugerud, Information System Officer, Global Partnerships


Experienced IT companies know how to keep your business IT systems and data secure – no matter what.

IslandWood, an experiential non-profit committed to inspiring lifelong environmental and community stewardship in the region’s children, hadn’t worked with an outsourced IT support company before

When they hired Interplay as their managed services provider, the two teams extensively discussed what had to be done immediately and what could wait. One of the “must have” items was a business continuity solution – which literally changed the future of IslandWood. 

When the non-profit was hit with a ransomware attack a few years later, IslandWood would have suffered a severe setback if they hadn’t already started working with Interplay

“If it hadn’t been for [Interplay’s Founder] Brian and his team, we would have had extensive data loss. Prior to Interplay, this would have been a major disaster. Interplay had the forward thinking to protect our data and had someone on-site the entire time we were dealing with the crisis.”

Julie Yunt, IT Manager, IslandWood

Downtown Seattle Association

The best IT companies in Seattle ask what you need done and then take care of it for you, instead of making you follow their rules. 

When the Downtown Seattle Association experienced a sudden 260% increase in their employee headcount, the non-profit knew they needed a better way to support their employees’ IT devices. 

However, with that level of growth, they knew they required an IT provider that could help them handle their current needs as well as think strategically about their future IT needs

“[Interplay] did a thorough assessment of our network and identified areas we should prioritize. They think strategically about where we can improve our processes and can dumb things downs so that I can understand what’s happening. Not a lot of IT professionals have that skill.” 

Emily Bailor, Senior Manager of Board and Employee Engagement, Downtown Seattle Association

What You Should Expect from IT Companies in Seattle

If you’re considering working with one of the many outsourced IT companies in Seattle, make sure the provider you choose listens to your needs, understands your organization, and thinks strategically to ensure your technology is both secure and well-planned for your future goals. 

When you work with the IT experts at Interplay, you can be assured you’ll be working with a team that considers your needs and handles your IT seamlessly in the background. With Interplay, you’ll never have to worry about your tech – now or in the future. 

In fact, you’ll know you’ve found yourself the right IT support company when you post your own real-life review of your provider, repeating what Brenda Evans from the Downtown Seattle Association said of Interplay: 

“There were no IT issues at all once they took over. It was seamless. I did not know how easy IT could be!”


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