Why Seattle Non-Profits Are Choosing Managed Services Providers to Handle Their IT

Often, when non-profits here in Seattle start out, they save on costs by tapping into the wealth of IT resources here in the city. Aspiring Amazon coders, moonlighting Microsoft programmers, estranged Expedia techs… they’re all looking for rewarding IT work that helps make a difference, so they’re often happy to fill in the gaps at local non-profits like yours. 

The problem is, not all IT professionals are IT security pros, often they’re just kind people with computer skills. Though they may be able to troubleshoot your email setup, there’s a high likelihood they don’t understand how to prevent cyberthreats like phishing or ransomware – and they also probably don’t know how to help your organization recover if you get hit with these attacks. 

That’s why growing non-profits here in Seattle turn to trained IT security experts known as Managed Services Providers or “MSPs.”

What Are Managed Services Providers?

Providing everything from 24/7 systems monitoring to break/fix, and from proactive patching and upgrades to business continuity solutions that keep your organization running no matter what, good Managed Services Providers will help your non-profit stay cybersecure around the clock

But a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for non-profits must do more (much more) than simply protecting you from cybercrime. After all, your non-profit has a lot to manage, in very little time, every day. You need your technology to not only stay in working order, you also need it to deliver the best bang for your buck and the best productivity and user-friendliness for your staff, volunteers, donors, members, and partners.

That’s why MSPs for non-profits also provide a range of services such as:

  • On-demand technology advice tailored to your specific needs, mission, and budget
  • Flat pricing options that flexibly fit your requirements, with no money-wasting add-ons that you won’t use
  • Full-service, all-hours support, right here in Seattle, geared to keep your organization humming along with no tech stress

But how do you find the Managed Services Providers for non-profits here in Seattle? Well, you simply look for an award-winning MSP with the friendliest IT team; wide-ranging, long-term tech experience; and great reviews from other non-profits. 

Ready for a time-saving tip? Start your search with Interplay, one of Seattle’s oldest MSPs. Interplay has a great track record and tons of experience supporting the missions of many local non-profits. Check out our Case Studies page to learn more about the non-profits we work with. 

Here’s What Seattle Non-Profits Are Saying About Interplay

“[With Interplay,] we are seeing responses in minutes instead of hours. Our previous MSP would have taken a couple days on something like this. They set a really high bar for themselves and then they met it – which is fantastic.” (Read the full case study.)

– Tosten Haugerud, Information Systems Officer, Global Partnerships

“Being a nonprofit, we have to be very aware of financial restrictions. Brian and his team listened and understood. They helped us identify what we had to do, versus what we could wait on, and worked hand-in-hand with us to implement the recommendations.” (Read the full case study.)

“If it hadn’t been for Brian and his team, we would have had extensive data loss. Prior to Interplay, this would have been a major disaster. Interplay had the forward thinking mindset to protect our data, and had someone onsite the entire time we were dealing with the crisis.” (Read the full case study.)

– Julie Yunt, IT Manager, IslandWood 

“We needed someone who could not only fix issues, but someone who could be proactive about strategic recommendations. So we reached out to Interplay.” (Read the full case study.)

– Emily Bailor, Senior Manager of Board and Employee Engagement, Downtown Seattle Association

The Interplay team has the knowledge and abilities to make even minor annoyances disappear. They’re fabulous!” (Read the full case study.)

– Brenda Evans, VP of Finance, Downtown Seattle Association

Get the IT Services Your Organization Needs to Succeed

As a non-profit organization, you need to keep your costs predictable, your overhead minimal, and your IT systems running smoothly. Many non-profit leaders here in Seattle are surprised to discover that one of the best ways they can achieve all those goals is to hire one of the leading local Managed Services Providers, one that has extensive experience working with non-profits

Since 2001, Interplay has been helping Seattle-based organizations like yours get more out your existing tech, while securing your systems from today’s ever-persistent IT threats. 

Not sure how much help your organization needs? Wondering where your current tech provider may be falling flat? Take the Interplay Network & IT Health Self Assessment (for free!), so you can be sure your non-profit stays secure and running smoothly at all times.