What’s Your Company’s Recovery Time?

Recovery Time Calculator

Backups Aren’t Enough

In our last blog post, we talked about a white paper on the importance of Business Continuity and having a hybrid backup system for your business. You might have read it already, you might have skimmed it, or more than likely it’s in a “to read” pile.

Today I want to cut to the chase and share with your our Recovery Time Calculator.

Business Continuity is About Recovering From Outages

Many think just “backing up the data” is enough to keep them up and running in the event of an outage or other IT disruption.  Recovery time is usually not considered until there is a loss in functionality or data loss that impacts deliverables. Most backup systems on the market disregard recovery time entirely because they aren’t designed to bring your systems back online quickly.

How Much Does Downtime Really Cost?

Recovery Time represents the amount of time it takes to get systems back up and running either locally or from the cloud due to data loss or outages (which can be the result of a virus, employee error, or some other type of system disruption).  It ties the time needed to recover from an outage to a real dollar amount which can help prove the utility of an advanced hybrid business continuity system.

Our Recovery Time Calculator will allow you to:

  • Determine a reasonable Recovery Time Objective: the amount of time your organization can sustain downtime
  • Determine the real dollar cost of IT outages which helps make the case for an advanced Business Continuity system

Check out our Recovery Time Calculator here

And here’s instructions if you need them.


Talking about your backup and business continuity systems is never a fun conversation. Our Recovery Time Calculator can help you to quickly understand just how important and necessary the conversation may need to be. 

If you have any questions, we are here to help!