Windows Server 2003 End of Life

windows server 2003 end of lifeHey, you!

What in the heck are you still doing running Windows Server 2003?  You know that the code in Server 2003 was basically finished around 2001-2002, making the software you’re running your critical business systems on about 14 years old. Do you know how long that is in IT years? That’s like 73 generations of software engineering ago.

And if you’re still running 2003 server you’re probably running ancient hardware as well (servers should be replaced every five years, maximum). You’re probably making some poor IT person spend hours and hours a week running around keeping your ancient servers on life support.

Are you reckless? Or just uninformed?

You must move on.  It is long past the ideal time to do this but you’ve gotta face the facts: things will eventually fall apart if you continue running Windows Server 2003 in your business.

This really is the end.

Microsoft is going to stop supporting Windows Server 2003 entirely in July.  This means there will be no fixes, no patches and most importantly NO SECURITY UPDATES.  Once that date passes the hackers are going to have a field day attempting to compromise the remaining Windows Server 2003 systems still running.

But there is a silver lining!

Fortunately upgrading to a modern operating system (or moving some services to a cloud-based system like Microsoft Azure) will not only prevent problems, it’ll pay back in other ways as well.  You and your end-users will benefit from:

  • Faster response times means everyone can work more quickly
  • Advanced management tools makes your job easier and quicker
  • Better security and compliance management helps you lock down your systems
  • New software technologies unlock a range of capabilities your business simply didn’t have before

(Seriously.  We mean it.  It’s for your own good.)