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Why the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack Matters for SMBs in Seattle 

Cyberattack today is more prevalent than ever in history. You remember this: Nearly 2 months ago, the pipeline that supplies 45% of the fuel to the Eastern seaboard was shut […]

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Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery

News Round Up: Ransomware Blackmail and President Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order

As you’ve probably realized, ransomware is on the rise in a big way, paving a trail for ransomware blackmail. As Nicole Pelroth, the cybersecurity expert for the New York Times, […]

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Don’t Count on Your Cyberinsurance Policy to Protect You from Malware

As business leaders, you and I both know that insurance is a necessary evil. If a natural disaster hits, insurance will probably bail you out. If an office burglary occurs, […]

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What Is Business Continuity and Is It Important for You? – A Seattle Business Owners’ Guide (Part 5)

As a Seattle business owner, you’ve definitely heard of business continuity by now. You know it can help you recover from ransomware and natural disasters, you know it’s different from […]

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