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IT Managed Services – an overview

IT Managed Services – An overview of common services offered Last time, we talked about the general concept of Managed Services.  We compared it to Time-based billing. Now we’ll discuss IT Managed Services. […]

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Should I Leave My Computer On?

People often ask us, “Should I leave my computer on at night?”  At BDPNetworks, we say that you should leave any stationary computer on at night. By stationary we mean one […]

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Basic Password Hygiene

Basic Password Hygiene: Tips for staying secure online. Cloud services promise to provide easy access to your data from anywhere and from any device including laptops, tablets and smartphones.  Any […]

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Five Years is the Limit!

Five years is the limit – replace your computers! Do you have technology older than five years in your business? Do you have servers that are older than five years? […]

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