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Our Response to Heartbleed- a Free Vulnerability Scan

Security vulnerabilities pop up daily in IT. Sloppy coding and old software create holes in the software and services you use continuously. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to continuously patch […]

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FakeAV: Fake Antivirus infections on the rise…

From our friends at SonicWALL, here’s an alert that Fake Antivirus or ‘FakeAV’ infections are on the rise on Windows-based PCs & Laptops. Fake Antivirus programs are a type of […]

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New ‘Flame’ virus spreads across Middle East…

New ‘Flame’ virus spreads across Middle East; takes advantage of previously undiscovered Windows vulnerability The ‘Flame’ computer virus is the latest ‘supervirus’ to spread across networks in the Middle East. […]

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Smartphone Security: It Could Be Dangerous

Smartphone Security: Are Smartphones Dangerous? Our increasing reliance on Smartphones is making them more dangerous – we’re carrying passwords, credit card information, personal financial information, private information about our friends […]

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